EB-5 Industry Update – Securities Law Issues

Ronald R. FieldstoneOn April 21, 2016, at the IIUSA Conference, members of the panel dealing with securities law issues confirmed the following:The SEC will take a more active role in coordinating with other federal agencies, including USCIS.There has clearly been a heightened use of subpoenas to obtain information related to SEC investigations. We have been […]

Jay Peak Allegations and EB-5 Fallout

Ronald R. FieldstoneIIUSA Annual Meeting in Washington, D.C.April 20-22, 2016Jay Peak Fallout DiscussionThis post will address only the Jay Peak circumstances, subject matter which prevailed at the 2016 IIUSA EB-5 Advocacy Conference in Washington, D.C. Additionally, this post will serve as contemplation of several of my follow-up telephone calls with immigration counsel and their investors who […]

Proposed Governmental Reforms to the EB-5 Program

Ronald R. FieldstoneFollow-up to EB-5 Coalition Meeting in Washington D.C. on April 13, 2016I attended the EB-5 Coalition meeting in Washington, D.C. on April 13 and was a panel member along with several distinguished EB-5 experts. The purpose of the panel was to address the proposed governmental reforms to the EB-5 Program and what would […]

2016 Invest in America Summit Series Part 2 – Issues and Results

Ronald R. Fieldstone6th Annual Invest in America SummitBeijing, China March 17, 2016 Details and response from the Wailian sponsored conference.(Second post in the series)On March 17, I attended the 6th Annual Invest in America Summit held in Beijing. As a follow-up to my post last week, I will address the following issues that resulted from the conference.Too […]

2016 Invest in America Summit Series – Issues and Results

Ronald R. Fieldstone6th Annual Invest in America SummitShanghai, China March 12-13, 2016 Details and response from the Wailian sponsored conference.(First post in the series)On March 12-13, I attended the excellent 6th Annual Invest in America Summit held in Shanghai. It was extremely well attended with many outstanding panel speakers.Related to the focus of the issues […]

EB-5 Innovation Summit Delivers Substantive Insight Into Current Issues and Emerging Trends

Ronald R. Fieldstone2016 EB-5 Innovation Summit Presented by NES FinancialJulian Montero, Jay Rosen, and I recently attended and lectured at the NES Financial EB-5 Innovation Summit, which was held in Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York and Miami. At the summit, we discussed market information and topics, including EB-5 reform legislation; SEC update; the evolution […]

Results of the 2016 EB-5 Investors Conference

Ronald R. FieldstoneI attended the 2016 EB-5 Investors Magazine Conference in Las Vegas held on January 15-16, 2016. The conference had about 800 attendees, which is the largest EB-5 conference I have attended. Seventy Chinese marketing agents were invited to attend and network with the crowd. Many of the top EB-5 professionals were at the […]

New Proposed Integrity Measures EB-5 Legislation

Ronald R. FieldstoneAs promised, after the existing EB5 legislation was renewed without change until September 30, 2015, Senators Flake, Cornyn and Schumer presented S. 2415 as “A bill to implement integrity measures to strengthen the EB-5 Regional Center Program in order to promote and reform foreign capital investment and job creation in American communities; to […]

EB-5 Senate Bill News – No Agreement to Result in a No Change Extension

Ronald R. Fieldstone After much fanfare, stress and tremendous negotiations taking place within Congress and the lobbyists trying to influence the process, a compromise EB-5 bill could not be agreed upon. Therefore, the Senate and in house committees have approved a one year extension until September 30, 2016. Currently, the extension is anticipated to have […]

EB-5 Senate Bill Controversy

Ronald R. FieldstoneThe revised draft of EB-5 Senate Bill S 1501 (Leahy-Grassley) was released last week and is very controversial. Some organizations support passage and others do not. I see many flaws in the proposed bill that will be summarized below:The bill is generally effective upon enactment and there is no transition time allowed to […]