EB-5 Update – Extension and Current Senate Bills

Ronald R. Fieldstone It is common knowledge the EB-5 investor program received extensions through September 30, 2017. Accordingly, until further changes happen, the existing program will remain in place. There are currently two (2) key bills that have been presented. One is the Grassley Bill, which is a modification of the old Senate 1501 Bill […]

EB-5 Investment Funds – Standards and Guidelines for Redeployment

WHITE PAPER: STANDARDS AND GUIDELINES FOR REDEPLOYMENT OF EB-5 INVESTMENT FUNDS Prepared by: Arnstein & Lehr LLP Klasko Immigration Law Partners, LLP Jeffer Mangels Butler & Mitchell LLP The EB-5 investment community is now facing a new challenge, as many of the more seasoned EB-5 investment projects begin to mature and the original investment capital […]

EB-5 Program – Updated Statistics and Information

Ronald R. Fieldstone USCIS recently published a statistics report on the impact of the EB-5 Program for the fiscal years 2012 and 2013 (downloadable on the Economics and Statistics Administration’s website by clicking here). Furthermore, IIUSA has published statistics on various performance factors concerning the EB-5 Program. Both are summarized below, since the results are […]

EB-5 2017 – Where Are We Now?

Ronald R. Fieldstone Following the December 9, 2016 extension of the EB-5 Regional Center Program until April 28, 2017, there have been additional developments from an administrative, legislative and practical standpoint. Needless to say, the Program remains in limbo as to where it will end up and at what point in time legislation will be […]

USCIS Policy for EB-5 Redeployment and “At-Risk” Issues Discussed at IIUSA Conference

Ronald R. Fieldstone At the October 2016 IIUSA Conference, I was on a distinguished panel of practitioners discussing the topic of redeployment issues. The panel focused on the current USCIS Guidelines that sets forth the concept of “at risk,” which is pursuant to the draft policy statement issued on August 10, 2015 and was discussed […]

EB-5 Industry Update – Securities Law Issues

Ronald R. FieldstoneOn April 21, 2016, at the IIUSA Conference, members of the panel dealing with securities law issues confirmed the following:The SEC will take a more active role in coordinating with other federal agencies, including USCIS.There has clearly been a heightened use of subpoenas to obtain information related to SEC investigations. We have been […]

Jay Peak Allegations and EB-5 Fallout

Ronald R. FieldstoneIIUSA Annual Meeting in Washington, D.C.April 20-22, 2016Jay Peak Fallout DiscussionThis post will address only the Jay Peak circumstances, subject matter which prevailed at the 2016 IIUSA EB-5 Advocacy Conference in Washington, D.C. Additionally, this post will serve as contemplation of several of my follow-up telephone calls with immigration counsel and their investors who […]

EB-5 Senate Bill Controversy

Ronald R. FieldstoneThe revised draft of EB-5 Senate Bill S 1501 (Leahy-Grassley) was released last week and is very controversial. Some organizations support passage and others do not. I see many flaws in the proposed bill that will be summarized below:The bill is generally effective upon enactment and there is no transition time allowed to […]

Proposed EB-5 Senate Bill Draft – Securities and Corporate Matters

Ronald R. FieldstoneResponse to Proposed EB-5 Draft BillAfter reviewing the proposed Senate legislation EB-5 draft bill prepared by counsel to the Senate, here are my thoughts regarding corporate and securities matters which have been changed or omitted altogether from the bill as drafted in its current form. This post will not address detailed immigration issues.Business Plans […]

EB-5 Investor Program – China Update

Ronald R. FieldstoneEB-5 news highlights from November China tripDuring my recent trip to China, I was able to meet with many professionals and marketing agents to determine the status of the EB-5 Investor Program in China and confirmed the following:There is still a significant interest in the EB-5 Program and actually a sense of urgency […]